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The Rhode Island AFL-CIO's constituency groups are unions' bridge to diverse communities, creating and strengthening partnerships to enhance the standard of living for all workers and their families.

  • Coalition for Labor Union Women (CLUW)

The primary mission of CLUW is to unify all union women in a viable organization to determine our common problems and concerns and to develop action programs within the framework of our unions to deal effectively with our objectives.

  • Alliance for Retired Americans

The mission of the Alliance for Retired Americans is to ensure social and economic justice and full civil rights for all citizens so that they may enjoy lives of dignity, personal and family fulfillment and security.

Constituency Groups and Community Partners

Unions Ensure Workers Have a Voice on the Job

We are teachers and iron workers, firefighters and social workers, bakers and engineers, pilots and public employees, doctors and nurses, electricians, painters and plumbers—and more.

The Rhode Island AFL-CIO works every day to improve the lives of people who work.

We help people who want to join together in unions so they can bargain collectively with their employers for better working conditions and the best way to get a good job done. We work to ensure that all people who work are treated fairly, with decent paychecks and benefits, safe jobs, respect and equal opportunities. To help working people acquire valuable skills and job-readiness for 21st century work, we operate the largest training network outside the U.S. military. And we provide an independent voice in politics and legislation for working women and men and make their voices heard in corporate boardrooms and the financial system.

Who We Are